Poem in Maisonneuve



My poem, “Rites of Passage” is in the summer issue of Maisonneuve. It’s about parenting (or how I imagine parenting might feel) and is dedicated to the students of Newton, Connecticut. I’m not sure how much longer the issue will be on newstands. Many thanks to editor Haley Cunningham for including my work. She got in touch with me in May, asking to see some poems. Instead of delaying and doubting as I usually do, I sent in a handful of semi-polished work right away. She accepted one within a day, the fastest acceptance I’ve ever had. The poem needed a lot of last minute revisions, but in the end, remember if an editor asks you for work don’t second-guess yourself and spend weeks thinking over tiny changes. It takes many years to learn to trust other people’s faith in you.

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