The Link CBC Interview, June 2011

I recently came across this file of an interview I did with Lynn Pelletier for CBC Radio’s The Link in early summer of 2011, and I don’t think I ever shared it. After completing a program with Diaspora Dialogues where I was matched up with mentor and poet Rishma Dunlop, my work appeared in the TOK 6: Writing the New Toronto anthology and I was contacted by Lynn to speak about my experience in the program.

It was a treat to head down to the CBC headquarters, receive my visitor’s pass, and to walk the labyrinth and storied hallways with the soft-spoken radio producer and to answer her questions. She was pleased that my voice was so even, although I tend to mumble and sound like I’m about 17 years old. The experience was still extremely enjoyable and I hope I have another chance to get lost in the CBC building someday. I’ve shared the interview via Soundcloud, or you can listen to it on the Radio-Canada International page here.

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