Manuscript Evaluation

No matter what stage of your writing career, you can always benefit from an experienced and caring reader of your work. I have provided my writers with detailed, intuitive and thoughtful feedback on their works in progress and manuscript drafts. I specialize in line-edits, substantive and stylistic editing, preparing a manuscript for submission and advising on venues for publication for your work of poetry, fiction or non-fiction. My students and clients have gone on to successfully publish in magazines, journals and independent publishers.


My rate is a reasonable $25  an hour. On average manuscript of poetry takes around 10 hours, and manuscripts of fiction and non-fiction 20 hours.


Phoebe provided me with plenty of unexpected insights and opinions towards my manuscript. I’d been struggling with its arrangement, and with the balancing of various themes. Phoebe paid lots of attention to the book’s emotional and technical aspects. She helped me greatly with a step in the book-writing process that I had found frustrating and intimidating.

Ben Ladouceur, author of Otter and editor at Arc Poetry Magazine