Books and Chapbooks


Admission RequirementsToronto: McClelland & Stewart, March 2017. (Here’s a sample.)

Hanging Exhibits. (Chapbook.) Marmora, ON: The Emergency Response Unit Press, May 2016.

Occasional Emergencies. (Chapbook.) Toronto: Odourless Press, November 2013.

Magazines, Journals and Anthologies

“Model Life,” “Still Life with Raw Carcass and Shallots,” and “Still Life with Dream Interpretation, #2.” Room Magazine, Issue 43.2, Summer 2020.

Interlude, A Relapse, Coming to Know.The Puritan. Issue 47: Fall 2019.

“Nocturne for a Revoked Citizen.” Literary Review of Canada. Vol. 27., Issue 3. April 2019.

“Without Permission.” Humber Literary Review. Vol. 5 Issue 1. Spring/Summer 2018.

“The Balance of the World is Tested.” Vallum Contemporary Poetry. Issue 15:1. Spring 2018. 

“The Land of Milk and Honey.” This Magazine. November/December 2017.

“Howard Park Means.” West End Phoenix. Issue 1, October 2017.

The Chinese Garden” and “Scotch Broom.” Hamilton Arts & Letters. Issue 9.2. Guest edited by Annick MacAskill.

“I Hear It’s Raining.” Poetry is DeadIssue 14, 2016. Guest edited by Shazia Hafiz and Sheryda Warrener.

“PSA” and “Visiting Relatives”. Canada and Beyond: A Journal of Literary and Cultural Studies. Spring 2016.

“Loft Conversions.” BafterC Volume 8 Number 1. Spring 2016.

“The Stone Garden”, “The Cartographer” and “Lacquered Bowl”. Hart House Review. 2016.

Admissions”,“The Same Old Story”,“Possession” and“The Birds Went First.” Ricepaper Magazine. Issue 20.3. Winter 2015/16.

“Historical Re-enactment” and “Suspensions of Power.” THIS Magazine. Nov/Dec 2015.

“Regional Transit” and “The Hydro Men.” Prism International. Issue 53.4. Summer 2015.

“Low Visibility”,“Latitude” and“Guiding Lights”. The Rusty ToqueIssue 8. Summer 2015.

Another View.” newpoetry.ca. April 2015.

Above Bow Valley” and “The Cloud People.” re:caps magazine. Issue Environment Part II. July 2014.

“Rites of Passage.” MaisonneuveIssue 52. Summer 2014.

Dufferin Grove Suites.” The Rusty ToqueIssue 6. Spring 2014.

“Invasive Carp.” The Malahat Review. Issue #185. Winter 2013.

“Gifting Ceremonies.”  Ricepaper Magazine. Issue 18.2. Fall 2013.

Mourning Doves” and “Wreck Beach.” Contemporary Verse 2. Vol. 35 No. 4. Spring 2013.

“Two Tea Bowls.” Arc Poetry Magazine. Issue 67. Winter 2012: 23.

“Penelope Before Marriage.” Grain Magazine 39.2Winter 2012.

“The Tradition.” Montreal Poetry Prize 2011 Longlist e-Anthology, Véhicule Press, 2011.

Night Ferry.” The Hart House Review. 2011.

“Poems” TOK 6: Writing the New Toronto. Ed. Helen Walsh. Toronto: Zephyr Press, 2011.

Yard Work.” Canadian Literature 206. Autumn 2010.

Gratitude.” Geist.com. Oct. 2010.

“March Storm, Georgian Bay”, “October on the North Shore, Lake Superior”, “The Solemn Land” and “The Upper Ottawa, near Mattawa.” Descant 109, Winter 2000.

One thought on “Poetry

  1. Greetings Phoebe,

    I read your review of my book this morning and couldn’t resist a thank you note.

    I’m quite genuinely touched by the depth of attention, the level of articulateness, and the outright wisdom you display everywhere in this piece. It’s the quality of response I’ve told myself not to hope for or expect. Well, I admit, I more or less gave up a while back on the idea that anyone might read any of my poems closely or thoughtfully, and here it is — a highly intelligent, marvellously eloquent review!

    You’ve understood a lot about my poems — and in ways I’d like them to be understood.

    I don’t pretend to fully understand every point you make, and don’t imagine I take in fully every implication in the piece — but of course that doesn’t matter!

    Oh — your quotation at the end of your piece: It should be “its brilliant / dream of Earth come back”. But again, it doesn’t matter.

    Phoebe, I’m extremely grateful to you! Thank you very much.

    I hope you’re very well. And that maybe our paths will cross at some point.

    And of course I’m going to get hold of your poetry!



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